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JAIIB stands for Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers which is a certificate exam specifically designed for Bankers and Finance professionals. IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking and Finance) is conducting this certificate examination bi-annually.

It is indented to give in-depth knowledge about banking operations and also its regulatory information. More particularly, It helps to enrich your knowledge in the fields like Risk management, Credit handling, Economics analysis, Customer relations, Accountancy, banking related legal aspects, etc.

Which of the following Act defines the age of a minor?

  • a) Section 25 of NI Act
  • b) Section 33 of Contract Act
  • c) Section 54 of Partnership Act
  • d)Sec 3 of Indian Majority Act

Partnership firm is governed by __:

  • a) Indian Companies Act 1956
  • b) Indian Partnership Act 1932
  • c) Both of the above.
  • d) Neither of the above

An aunt tells her niece that she will settle all her property on her if she (the niece) stayed with her till her death. The niece does so. There is no written deed. Is this contract valid?

  • a) Yes, the offer & acceptance (implied) exist
  • b) No, it needs to be written down as there was plenty of time on both sides
  • c) Though the offer is clear the niece did not express acceptance
  • d) Irrespective of anything said or done, the property would go to legal heirs only

A hire-purchase contract is a __:

  • a) Contract of bailment
  • b) Contract of sale
  • c) Contract of bailment followed by Contract of sale
  • d) Contract of lease followed by Contract of bailment

Association, Agreement, Business, sharing of profits and _ sum up the features of a partnership:

  • a) Consideration
  • b) Mutual agency
  • c) Liability
  • d) Interest

Ombudsman scheme is framed under which Act:

  • a) Section 35 A of B.R. Act
  • b) Section 35 A of RBI Act
  • c) Section 42 of RBI Act
  • d) Ombudsman scheme rules 19

Ramesh & Co. a partnership consists of 3 partners A, B & C. The a/c is operated by A and B singly and C is a sleeping partner. C instructs the bank to stop the payment of a cheque issued by A.

  • a) Cannot be stopped since he is sleeping partner
  • b) Can be stopped if other partners A & B are not available
  • c) Can be stopped
  • d) None of the above

Bearer uncrossed cheque can be paid to whom: To the bearer of the cheque.

In PMRY, what is the income criteria for borrower’s family and borrower’s parents: No criteria.

What type of charge is applicable on loan against term deposits in a bank: Lien

Garnishee Order is not applicable on ____________: Un-used cash credit or overdraft limit

In case of a jointly operated joint account, the nominee can obtain payment when: None of the account holder is alive.

Call money deposit is part of the _________ sector: Organised sector.

A financial statement that provides information regarding where the funds have come and where these have been used over a period of time is called: Funds flow statement.

Who can open NRE account: NRI

A mandate holder for a current account has died and a cheque signed by him is presented for payment after his death: The cheque shall be paid

The true owner of a cheque has been deprived his right by collection of the cheque for a different person. This is called: Conversion.

A bank branch receives a counterfeit note of Rs.2,000, which customer wants back. What the bank should do: To be impounded and not to be returned in any circumstance

Interest @ _ is given by RBI on CRR balance maintained by banks: Nil.

If ________________ number of counterfeit notes are detected in single transaction, a consolidated report has to be sent to police station on monthly basis: Less than 5

What is the risk weight in case of Staff loan secured by mortgage or superannuation benefits: 20%.

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