Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

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Home Loan Eligibility Calculator gives you affordable loan amount that you can get based on your monthly repayment amount. That means, you may want to calculate the quantum of loan amount for your affordable monthly repayment amount for a particular rate of interest for particular loan tenure. Our Loan eligibility calculator calculate the loan effectively.

Loan Eligibility Calculator
Affordable Monthly EMI
Repayment in Months
Interest Rate
Eligible / Affordable Loan
Interest Payable
Total Amount Payable

How to use home loan eligibility calculator?

  • Firstly, enter your affordable monthly repayment amount in ‘Affordable Monthly EMI
  • Then enter the loan period in ‘Repayment in months
  • Enter the affordable rate of interest in ‘Interest Rate
  • Now click on ‘Submit‘ button
  • Then you will get your quantum of loan amount, interest payable for the loan amount and total amount payable.

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