HDFC Credit Card LimitHDFC Credit Card Limit
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In this article, we will let you know the procedure for increasing HDFC Bank Credit Card limit. That is, you can increase your HDFC Bank credit card limit as well as upgrade to other variant card by giving written application form along with required documents.

There are many variant of HDFC bank credit card available to cater the needs of the Salaried and Business customers. Each card has a different feature based on the usage, annual fee, spend limit, reward points ect., Business cards are issued only to Self employed, proprietor and Partners customer.

HDFC Bank Credit Card Limit Enhancement form in PDF

The following is the application form for increasing your HDFC Bank Credit Card limit. Further this form is also used to upgrade to other variant of HDFC credit card like Classic Cards, Premium Cards and Super Premium Cards.


How to fill HDFC Credit Card enhancement form?

If you want to apply for credit limit enhancement or upgrade to other variant or both, then simply follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, download enhancement application form from the above link and start filling the application from the top.
  • Write your Name and full account number and
  • Write your existing 16-digit credit card number
  • If you apply for business entity then write business name in the space provided. This name will be printed on your business card.
  • Then tick appropriate box whether you apply for (i) Limit Increase, (ii) Upgrade or (iii) Limit Increase & Upgrade
  • In the next table, tick the appropriate card which suits your needs and usage.
  • Then tick for the auto pay box whether minimum due or total amount due and writer your pay account number in the respective places
  • Now tick the appropriate Income proof document which you enclose with this application form
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully and tick the terms and conditions check box
  • Then put your signature in the bottom of the application and write date of the application.

Finally submit the filled application along with the income proof and other papers to HDFC branch for processing your enhancement or upgrade.

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