Early Redemption of Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2015-16Early Redemption of Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2015-16
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Redemption Price for Early Redeem of Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2015-16, Tranche 2

Earlier, RBI announced Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme Tranche 2 in the FY 2015-16 vide Government of India Notification F.No. 4(19)-W&M/2014 dated January 14, 2016 and RBI circular IDMD.CDD.No.1573/14.04.050/2015-16 dated January 14, 2016 and issued bonds dated 8th February 2016 with the following redemption option

  • The Bonds shall be repayable on the expiration of eight years from February 8, 2016, the date of issue of Gold bonds.
  • Further, Pre-mature redemptions of the Bond will be permitted from fifth year of the date of issue
  • Generally, the redem price shall be fixed in Indian Rupees on the basis of the previous week’s (Monday – Friday) simple average closing price for gold of 999 purity, published by IBJA.
Redemption Price for Early Redemption of Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2015-16

Accordingly, early redemption for Tranche 2 of FY 2015-16 is due on February 8, 2021. RBI announced early-redemption price shall be ₹4796/- per unit of SGB.

Subscribers are advised to contact their respective Vendor for early redeem of SGB either fully or partially.  

Source: rbi.org.in

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