KVB ATM Claim form
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In this post we will let you know about how to raise ATM claim in KVB? if your ATM transaction is failed. We also covered KVB CDM (Cash Deposit Machine) claim procedure.

Failed ATM Transaction

Failed ATM transaction means when you are trying to withdraw cash from the ATM, you were not received the cash but your account balance got reduced. It means that, ATM machine has not dispensed the cash to you even after debiting your account balance. You all might have faced this situation many time while withdraw cash from the ATM.

Procedure for claiming failed ATM transaction

When you withdraw cash from ATM, if your amount got reduced from your account balance without dispensing cash, your amount has to be refunded automatically to your account within 24 hours. If you are not received the amount automatically, you have to contact your bank for raising ATM claim. You may contact your bank customer care number or directly visit branch for giving ATM claim.

Failed CDM Transaction

CDM is a Cash Deposit Machine in which you can deposit cash at any time. This cash deposit transaction also may get failed due to network or hardware failure. It means that the CDM machine accepts your cash but not credited to your respective bank account. This is called failed CDM transaction.

Procedure for claiming failed CDM transaction

CDM failed transaction has to be reported to the branch directly by giving written claim form. You have to give denomination wise amount details in your written claim form so that the bank will check and credit the amount to your account.


In both ATM and CDM, you will get a receipt for failed transaction. Keep the receipt with you until your amount is claimed successfully.

KVB ATM & CDM Claim Form


How to fill KVB ATM Claim Form

Download KVB ATM and CDM claim form from the above link and take a printout

  • Firstly, write your Name and Account number in the Customer Information field
  • Then write your ATM card 16-digit number in ‘Card Number’ field,
  • Write Date of transaction, Transaction amount in the respective field
  • Write your transaction Reference number if you have (Not mandatory)
  • Then specify other information if any
  • Now tick nature of transaction with respect to your transaction.
  • Put your signature in the signature field.
  • Submit your filled-in claim form to your branch. Your ATM claim may be settled within 7 working days.

You may use same claim form for claiming both ATM and CDM failed transaction.

POS claim can also be claimed using the same application.
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