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On 25th January 2021, The Reserve Bank of India released the Booklet on Payment Systems covering the journey of Payment and Settlement Systems in India during the second decade of the millennium, viz., from the beginning of 2010 till the end of 2020.


This Booklet captures the transformation of India in the sphere of payment and settlement systems and describes, inter-alia, the legal and regulatory environment underpinning the digital payments systems, various enablers, payment options available to consumers, extent of adoption, etc. during 2010 to 2020.

Reserve Bank of India had earlier come out with Booklets on Payment Systems in the years 1998 and 2008. This third Booklet in the series is expected to serve as a reference document for those interested in knowing more about payment system developments in the country.

The digital version of the Booklet can be Download below

Source: RBI.org.in

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